What’s in My Gym Bag? Beach Edition

I have always felt that the things a person keeps in their purse (or gym bag) says a lot about them. There are some people that keep only the essentials, and some who seem to never take anything out, until it gets too full or too stinky.

I would like to think of myself as an “essentials” kind of person, but after putting this list together, it seems like I keep a lot of stuff in my bag! I use them all everyday, though, so that counts as being essential, right? Obviously, my indoor and beach gym bags look quite different from each other, but since we are just starting beach season, here is a peek into what my beach bag looks like.

What’s in My Bag??



Flip flops are a staple in any beach volleyball player’s wardrobe, but ever since living in Brazil, Havaianas have been my flip flop of choice. They are relatively cheap, come in a variety of designs, and can handle the water and sand, etc. that comes with being on the beach all day. They are super fun. My current pair has flamingos all over them 🙂


Regular towels are super heavy, and get even heavier when they get wet. Enter the sarong…. a lot of women use them as bathing suit covers when they go on vacation, but they make an amazing stretching mat, towel, face cloth, and wrap for beach volleyball players. My collection is a liiiiiitle bit bigger than I would like to admit.


The best friend of any beach athlete. Our skin takes a beating being out in the sun, so we have to make sure to lather on the sunscreen as much as possible. I like to use all-natural sunscreen because I don’t want my skin absorbing all those nasty chemicals, and I use several different brands based on their consistency, price, and what they are designed for.

I use Alba Botanica Hawaiian Sunscreen SPF 45 on my body. It is light and easy to apply, and is the cheapest of the brands I use. I use thinksport Safe Sunscreen SPF 50 on my shoulders and chest, and anywhere else that has an increased risk of getting burned. It has a lot of zinc oxide and is very thick, so those areas feel extra protected. Finally on my face, I use Shiseido WetForce SPF 50+. This sunscreen is designed for the face, and is water-repelling, so it doesn’t come off when I sweat.


I can barely even open my eyes outside if I’m not wearing sunglasses, so if I tried to play without them, I would be useless. My favourite brand is Oakley. They are durable (I have gotten hit in the face several times while blocking), are super clear, and it is really easy to switch out the lenses.

Lip Chap

SPF lip chap is a life-saver!! A lot of people forget about their lips when they go out in the sun, but it is NOT pleasant if they get burned. I apply this before, during, and after practices and games.

Water Bottle

Staying hydrated is a must for anyone, but especially if you are running around in the heat and sun. I always bring a couple big water bottles in my bag. I like HydroFlask because it keeps my water cold all day, even if I am out in the sun. Drinking hot water during a match is not fun. They are durable, and have a variety of sizes and colours to choose from.


I carry a variety of TheraBands in my bag, for easy access before practice, or if I head to the gym right away from the beach. I use these for shoulder strengthening and stability, and I use the really think ones for hamstring work and hip warmups. They are very helpful, and don’t take up a lot of space, which is a bonus!


I walk to practice a lot, and like to listen to podcasts on my way up the boardwalk. I also like to have them on hand for the gym, or for my bike workouts.

Essential Oils

I started using essential oils as a part of my health and wellness practice about a year ago, and they have been a big game-changer for me. For the first time ever, I didn’t get a cold or flu during the cold months or during travel season, and they have been amazing for muscle pain and tension, among many other things. Depending on my current needs, I always have a bottle of oil or cream or something on hand to use.

Teaching classes and mentoring people on how to incorporate oils into their lives is actually a side project of mine. If you are interested in learning more, definitely send me a message on the contact page. I would love to chat more with you!

I don’t have anything too out of the ordinary in my gym bag, but the things that I do have in there are products that I love. They work for me, and they help me feel great. What do you have in your gym bag? Anything unique or unexpected?

xo, Sarah


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